Prince of Orient xx, 16 years old gelding chestnut horse,
Pedigree: father Prince Orac xx / mother Akelei/Absatz.                                       A well breed Hannoverian horse ,  stick-measure 16,3 hands (1,70 meters) .
High degree of training, highest dressage levels M and S, St.Georg, Intermediare I. Currently winnings and placements M and S-Level.
Dressage movements: flying change at every  stride, also 2,3,4 strides, renvers, travers, traversale , pirouette, piaffe.
This good-natured, ambitious uncomplicated horse came to our family.
It is well schooled in all dressage lessons by excellent trainers. Also Ori is  familiar with hack out and staying at the horse pasture.
Especially our daughter is looking forward to find a new friend for this schoolmaster                         Situated in  North Germany near city Göttingen

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